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[EVENTS] Happy Birthday Minecraft!



Happy 10th Birthday, Minecraft!

This day marks an incredible milestone for a game we all love, and it’s crazy to see how far it’s come over the past 10 years!
As per my post here, we currently have a Build Comp and some Micro Blocks at the Event Shop in spawn. As promised, we have some more events starting tonight!
I’ll get straight to it:

Store Sale:
For this weekend, we’re running a massive 50% off EVERYTHING on the store!

Block Hunt:
Herobrine (IS REAL and) has lost his blocks all over the Event Island….you guys need to collect the Backpack (1) and all the Minecraft Micro Blocks (16) and then return them to him at spawn!

  • 1st: $10,000 in-game, $30 Store Voucher, a Minecraft Colour Changing Potion Bottle* and a Birthday Cake in-game!
    To receive the Potion Bottle prize, you need to be able to provide a postal address, if you’re the winner and under 18 years of age, please get consent from your parents.
    This prize can only sent to someone within Australia.
  • 2nd: $10,000 in-game, $15 Store Voucher and a Birthday Cake in-game!
  • 3rd: $10,000 in-game, $10 Store Voucher and a Birthday Cake in-game!
  • Participation Award: $10,000 and a Birthday Cake in-game!
- The Block Hunt will run until next Friday night.
  • To start the Block Hunt, simply use /blockhunt.
  • To collect the items, simply punch them and go onto finding the next Micro Block!
  • Once you have collected the Backpack and all the Micro Blocks, head to Herobrine by using /blockcheck and click him to see if you’ve collected all the items!
  • View the blocks you need to collect here.
NOTE: Everyones speed will be set to default, and flying and navigation commands are not allowed, they have been disabled and please do not try to bypass this as you will be disqualified!

We have three Parkour setups in the Event Island! There is Easy, Medium & Hard, each one will see you walking away with some mcMMO Tokens and a Trophy (depending if you can complete them all :wink:).

- The Parkour will run until next Friday night.
- To claim your prize at the end, simply punch the Trophy.

Until Sunday night (~9PM), we’ll be running the following to help you all out with your ranking progression, and also to get some of that sweet Vanilla XP! So we’ll have:
  • Double mcMMO XP Weekend
  • Double Vanilla XP Weekend
These Events will start around 8:00pm TONIGHT! So make sure you’re online and try to be one of the first three to complete the Block Hunt to walk away with those sweet prizes.
I hope to see you all in-game tonight, and don’t be shy, pop into voice on Discord and say hey!

PS: Help boost our Facebook and Twitter pages by giving them a like/follow! We want to build them up so we can do more giveaways through them :D