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Discord Accident

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Your IGN: Sirsmiles
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: Killeriley#6906 for discord
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate):27/02/2020 5 o'clock?
What punishment are you appealing? (Jail, Mute, Warning, Kick, Ban): Ban From Discord Server
Staff online during the incident: Camm
What is the reason given for the punishment?: I sent invites through your server to people on your server
Tell us your side of the story:
so the story is that i started making a server on Discord and i was super exited to test it because i figured out how MEE6 works. i got super exited and started inviting people without realizing that i wasn't just inviting people from my friends list i was also inviting people from the servers i was in. i didn't know that. i thought it was friends only, I'm sorry I did this and i realize my mistake here, I hope you can realize my mistake and I'll try to use discord better next time.


Hi Sirsmiles,

Cheers for your appeal.
To be honest, I really don't believe sending invites through our server was an "accident", I'm unsure how you would accidentally invite a lot of the Staff team, and seeing your rules be a complete rip of ours also further makes me believe it was intentional.

However, I am willing to give you another chance. Please keep in mind if you break the rules again (including if I receive another report from a player of you doing the same thing) you will be permanently removed from our Discord.

Please read and accept the rules upon joining (you can use this invite).

Not open for further replies.