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Creative Suggestions

Hi everyone I would first like to state that the creative server is great. I just have two suggestions to make it that little bit better. My first suggestion is the command /ptime to be available to every player as it allows for players to see if there builds look good at night or during the day. This will especially help with the current build competition as being able to set it to night will add to the theme. My next suggestion is world edit being available to all. This will make large scale builds easier and players that don't have much time to play but want to submit to the competitions able to submit a good build.
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Hey Dragon! Thanks for the suggestions.

In regards to /ptime, this command has been added to Engineer, which only requires 24 hours ontime!

I believe World Edit is a work in progress, and should be added soon to some of the Creative ranks.

There is already /plot setfloor <block> which is basically WorldEdit, to change the floor block of your plot, only available to (I believe) Engineer rank.