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Creative Release




Hey everyone! It's time, folks.
Although I've been smashed with how busy Survival has been (which I thank you all for, I'm glad you're loving it), we're rolling out Creative
right now! So let's dive into it.



Creative has three different ranks:

This is the default rank, which will give access to the build competitions, and two plots in the plot world.

Requires completion of Designer (check with /rankcheck on
Creative), and will grant access to restricted blocks, and an additional two plots (four total)

Requires completion of Architect, or can be purchased on the store to bypass the in-game requirements. Grants you access to all redstone blocks, personal weather (/pweather) and the ability to change your plot(s) biome.

To view all of the requirements, use /ranks in-game.


Creative currently has two worlds (with a third coming soon):


Plots World:
The world border is current 5,000 blocks in each direction, which is huge! Each plot is 71x71, giving ample room for you all to get Creative. Use /plots for a command guide on managing your plots.

Build Comp World:
This is where we will host our monthly build competitions (more info below). Each plot is 149x149, so there's a lot of space to wow us with your competition entries!

You can switch worlds at any time by using /worlds!



Every month we will be running a build competition for everyone! Giving away prizes to the top three players that impress the staff team.

We encourage everyone to participate, and be unique! No matter what you think of your building skills, get involved and have fun - that's what it's all about!

As it's the spooky season, this months theme is HALLOWEEN! So build the most spook worthy creation you can think of!

To view the rules and info for the Build Competition, use /buildcomp-rules in-game!


» If there is anything you're unsure on, please use the /help menu in-game. This lists everything you need to know, from ranks, to block restrictions, to commands for managing your plots. If there is something not mentioned there, please ask in this post!

» We've placed in certain restrictions to prevent grief and other issues the server could face with everyone having creative mode, but please understand things are subject to change (which also includes things being unrestricted), we haven't had a Creative server in a long time, so there will be adjustments until everything is just right!

» We'll be adding more to Creative in the coming weeks, this includes things such as WorldEdit, more cosmetics like micro blocks, having the ability to add your own NPC/Mobs for decoration, and more! As I said above, this is very new - so we'll be listening to you all for feedback and adding more awesome features.

That's it for Creative for now, everyone! Big thanks for everyone's patience since Survival's release, and
please make sure you let Staff know of any issues/bugs you face with /ticket.

Cheers to you all for your support, and I hope you continue enjoying AusCraft!


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