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Community Board

The Community Board is meant to help people advertise but there is 2 issues with this.

- 1st Issue
It's way too costly, the idea is to either spend a little money to advertise so you can make more money or buy something but there is no way you will make $1000 in 1 week by posting there.
I would suggest making it a 2 page board where you can pay $200 to post on the first page or $100 to post on the second or just $100 to post and if it almost gets full regularly up the price a little.
not only will this make it more affordable but the more ads that are up will make it more popular and useful

- 2nd Issue
it's not really advertised anywhere, I think it would be good to advise that people check it out in those public server messages that show up. something like;

If you are looking to buy or sell items, check out the market, community boards or auction house.
/market, /cb, /ah

- Another Option
Could be to add an advertising shop or /buy/sell forum on this site encouraging more people to come check out the forums (obviously a public server message spam would help)

I am a good numbers cruncher and would also be open to going through other aspects of the server that you or I think needs changing eg. /market

Thank you for reading through my advice and I hope you consider and apply your input :smile:


Hey Chaos!
Cheers for the suggestion, and apologies it's taken me so long to get back to ya.

I'm not overly happy with how the community board has been running, but that's partly to the design and implementation of the plugin. I'm having a developer work on a new version that will be more friendly (and interactive) to set up, whilst also allow for different prices slots, over a global amount, and the ability to "promote" your warp.

I have for now added two different in-game announcements to let people know and have (some time ago) reduced the cost of a community board slot to $250.

You're more than welcome to create and maintain a thread of shop warps and the likes, if it becomes of interest to people I would happily add an announcement for it, too.

Cheers for your interest and support! <3
Hey Camm

Thanks for the reply and the info, I like the changes you have made and I'm looking forward to seeing the new version of the community board when it is completed.

I think now the community board is cheaper there won't really be a need for a thread of shop warps but I may look into making one as I already have a personal collection of most shop warps

Keep up the good work :smile: