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Bodyarts Helper Application


In-game Name: Bodyarts
Current Age: Old enough that I'm not going to publicly display that information.
Current Playtime: 5-6 Days playtime in 15 days (Real world time)
Disciplinary History: None

Why you think you'll be a good Helper: Honestly you don't actually need any more helpers at this time, But when a position opens up I just want to help people out more then I already do. Plenty of experience in well everything, It's a rather long list so I'll just throw a few in and if you require any more history I can give you a more extensive list of my history in the past 20 odd years of gaming.

Community Manager for Blitz App: Currently responsible for the main server of 90,000 users and 18 other Blitz app ran servers for foreign languages or Alpha/Beta/Dev servers.
Former Royal Australian Navy Sailor: Responsibilities are a bit nuts but lets go with general trust, leadership and conflict resolution.
Multiple VOIP Management: When you've been gaming as long as me you end up changing VOIP's as new and better programs are created. IE: Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Mumble, Raidcall and more.
Multiple Server Management: Minecraft, Garys Mod, Call of Duty and more. In various positions from Builder to Server Dev to Owner.
Multiple Guild/Clan/Faction Leadership: Basically any game with a community system I join and lead in some capacity.

I genuinely just enjoy helping out others in anyway that I possibly can. So until a position opens up you can find me in-game or on voice chat helping out players in anyway I can.



Hey Bodyart,

Great application! Cheers for taking the time to make this. Whilst we aren't accepting new Helpers right now, I would love to leave your application open for the near future, and if you're still interested we'll take it from there! You've been a wonderful addition to the community and I think you'd make a great staff member.