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Back In Business!

Hey all,

Amazing news, if you can't guess from the headline! We're baaaaack!

This morning our wonderful friend let us use his home internet connection to connect to our server while we checked over everything. It booted up perfectly, and all servers are running as well as they were before we had our critical hardware failure. No data has been lost, Survival survives!

All we're waiting on now is for the server to be racked up in its new home in Sydney (Better ping!) we'll then fire her up, do our final checks and re-open our MAIN server for you guys at some stage on the 15th, two days from today.

Thank you again for all you guys who helped us over the last two and a half months. Without your donations and support this would not have been an easy task, and we will not forget how much you have helped us. We will contact you all personally to thank you as soon as we can. Much love.
YAYYAYAY and most importantly thank you owners, admins, mods, for everything you have done to repair the server, to have the initiative to make a temp server, and to pacify our boredom by briefly playing along in forum games, even making new ones, which didn't quite make it as far hahaha :P I think I'll hop on the server very soon.
I repeat what Mo said, a HUGE thanks to all the server staff for working so hard to get the server back online. Also, a MASSIVE thanks to all those who donated so everything happened quicker. And thanks to everyone else for being patient!

I can't wait till it's back up!

(Also you perfectly timed this so the server is back up on the second last day of school for NSW, ready for the holidays!)
Great work guys! Really psyched to get back on with all of you!

Special thanks to the admin team and the indomitable musketeers. Amazing, all of you!
cant say i am impressed. was only on a few hours on the old server=and couldn't escape from spawn area... spent lots of hours on the temp server. Finally was told about the ramdom tpa and escaped spawn. cant get back in to continue.

wooo hoooo
great job from everyone involved, thank you so much for all the hard work put in for our enjoyment of this server too :smile: