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AusCraft Turns 8 | Map Reset Update | Build Competition

Firstly, massive well done to everyone who participated in the Build Competition, the builds were incredible! It was very hard for us to judge and unfortunately, there were only 20 completed builds, which means 5 winners.

We took some screenshots of the winners builds, so check out the spoilers to see their insane work!
In no particular order:
1. Grey_Lynx
2. Mae_lee31
3. Scrin445
4. KatGrl88
5. UrbanKoala
And the screenshot winner goes to @NichWilde! We really liked the feel of your build, how it had a little quest to it! Great work on being creative :D
All of you will be gaining Early Access to the map! So Congratulations again, and well done to everyone that participated!

Well, it's super exciting to finally see this reset ready! It's been a crazy few months getting all of this together and I'm so happy to be able to say the map will be released next Saturday the 2nd of March at 5PM AEDT! I know it's a lot later than the initial anticipated release, but the more we done the more issues arose and as I explained in the original post below we've been hard at work creating many plugins from scratch exclusively to AusCraft and to help prevent issues in the future!

On Saturday I'll post a thread in the morning regarding all the notable changes to the server, and those who won early access will be able to join at 12PM AEDT, giving you 5 full hours to explore the map. In the coming days the Forums and Store will go down to introduce some changes to them, so just a heads up not to be alarmed if you try to go to either and they don't work. :p

Cheers again for everyone being so patient, I hope you're all as hyped as the Staff and I!

Original Post:
Hey all!
I have a bit of an exciting post for everyone!

AusCrafts Birthday!
AusCraft turned 8 years old a few days ago! This is an incredible milestone, only two years off a full decade, which is hard to comprehend. After all these years, many ups and downs the community still stands strong and is one of the best communities I have ever seen and I'm so grateful to be a part of! Obviously, we're very busy with finalising the update - but we still wanted to do something small to celebrate our Birthday, so read about the Build Competition below!

Map Reset Update!
Regarding the map reset, things are getting very close to completion, it's just the final stages of making sure everything plays nicely together, our developers finalising some changes, and ensuring any game breaking bugs are squashed before release. I'll aim to give you all a definite ETA for release in the coming days (as I'm super keen to play as well)!

I know it's been a long wait, but it's been the biggest update we've had in terms of plugins. This is why we're calling this update the Revamped Update. Since we started the update several months ago - we have scrapped over 25 plugins due to not being updated by public developers, and have had our own developers hard at work recreating plugins and creating new custom plugins exclusively for AusCraft, that the Staff and I have been working very hard on. We've adjusted the gameplay experience, the ranking requirements, economy, added plenty more features and have things ready that were promised the whole of the current map, but were never delivered!

Stay tuned for an ETA as it's the final leg now, and check out this teaser for the new map! :D

Build Competition!
To celebrate our 8th Birthday and to give back to all of you who have been so patient, we are doing a Build Competition on the current map (1.12.2)! There is no theme, we want you all to build what you build best! I'll outline the rules and rewards below:

- This event starts today at 5:00PM AEDT and will run until next Friday at 12:00AM AEDT.
- Survival currently supports 1.13.x clients, however due to a few bugs it is recommended you use 1.12.2
- All players have been given access to Immortal, you can all control your own time and weather for sceenshots of your build whilst enjoying the other perks Immortal has to offer outside of the arena!
- Please note: Your inventory will be wiped when you enter the buildcomp arena, and exit the buildcomp arena.

- The build can be any theme you wish! Although we prefer if your builds are not just pixel art.
- You have to work by yourself, players working together won't be counted as participants.
- Any abuse of the Creative gamemode inside the Survival world will result in harsher than normal punishments that may carry over to the next map.
- Be original and imaginative, don't copy other peoples work!
- Players must protect their plot by claiming it (use /claimhelp if you're unsure how to)!

How to join:
- Join Survival, put your inventory in your home, then type /buildcomp.
- Once teleported to an area of massive plots, simply choose your plot
- Create a warp (/warp create <name>)
- Place a sign at the front of your build to have your Minecraft IGN on it like I've done here. (You can even name your build if you wish!)
- Claim your plot of land and get building!

The winners of this competition will be granted Early Access to the new 1.13.2 map once the update is ready. This means you will get several hours of exploring, and finding the perfect place to start your new adventure before anyone else! The amount of winners depends on the amount of participants (who complete their build):

- 10 participants : 3 winners
- 15 participants or less : 4 winners
- 20 participants or less : 5 winners
- 25 participants or less : 6 winners
- 30 participants or less : 7 winners

For every additional 5 participants, there will be another winner! On top of this, for those who take an awesome screenshot of their completed build and post it in this thread, one will be chosen to join the new map early. If you're already a winner from the build itself, you get to choose a friend!


Please feel free to ask anything you wish in this thread, and I hope to see you all in-game for a chance to get on the new map early, and to celebrate AusCrafts Birthday!
Cheers all :D
YES I can hop on at 5! Ok time to rec