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AusCraft Fast Travel Hub!

(also known as "Jedi is lazy and will NEVER finish the railway lines! YAAY!")

Howdy folks!

I've just gone and created a fast travel hub in spawn, found at /warp FastTravel. Here you can choose from one of 28 locations to warp to around the map. This includes player villages and settlements, NOT shops. It's a little unpopulated right now, but you too can get in on the action!

I need from you:

1) A warp name
2) A one to three sign description of the warp (formatted so that I can just copy/paste it please!)
3) A location for one of these shiny warp pads (please note, your warp will be moved onto this pad):

They measure 8 deep by 11 wide. The beacon itself is 2 blocks in front of the back wall of the warp pad. If you could mark the spot for the beacon and post the XYZ coordinates here that would be fantastic.

4) A direction for the player to be facing when they warp in (the pad will be oriented so that they will warp in facing away from the back wall)

Please post your applications in this thread.



Warp name
The Vilage

(vilage spelled wrong on purpose)

A small growing vilage for anyone to come and explore

coords for pad -99:64:331

facing south

Thank you + cool idea


sorry misunderstanding
the cords are
to the village