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Approved Auscraft Discord Server Un-ban

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Your IGN: Poison_Boi
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: None
Time and date that the ban occurred: Time from: 12pm - 4pm? (SA Time) 26/12/2020
What punishment are you appealing?: Discord Server Ban
Staff online during the incident: Not Sure.
What is the reason given for the punishment?: Swearing at staff, disrespecting staff, threatening staff, disobeying staff.
Tell us your side of the story:

DATE OF POST: 31ST of December 2020

Hello Auscraft Staff Team,

I am writing to you regarding my recent Auscraft Discord Ban of (Poison_Boi)

DATE OF INCICDENT: 26th Of December 2020

The result of me getting banned from the discord server for my behaviour/actions I chose to do and the way I spoke to Qty, is not on! and I understand that, the reason I acted up personally as I felt Qty was looking down at me thinking I am a liar or something but thinking over it over the last few days there was no sign of that nor reason to act out the way I did for the conversation about Mobile Data that lead to Dm’s that were appalling messages sent by myself, I may or may not like Qty but I know it’s not in the rulebook that requires to like an Individual or all Staff Member the rulebook I read before I wrote this to you. 1, Respect Staff. Yes, I admit I was not respecting Qty which is the number 1 rule of Auscraft Guidelines, that I broke. I accept full responsibility of the following: Not respecting Staff, threatening, disobeying, and swearing at staff, I admit I stepped way over the line 100% without doubts, and I am really sorry. It is not required/Nor respectful to have a full go at Qty or any Staff member for that fact just because I may dislike them for whatever reason or suspecting/thinking they are posting provoke messages which they were not at all. I enjoy my time in Auscraft Minecraft and the discord itself, I like all members and love talking to them over various topics and conversations. If I was to come back/be re-welcomed to the Discord Community of Auscraft, I promise I will show Respect to all members including staff even if I do or do not like them or any individual. If I were to be declined re-entry of being unbanned, I would fully accept that as I truly and 100% stepped over the lines of rules, respect, and overall consideration of others, which I won't do it again as I have learned from this mistake.

Thank you for reading and I really do apologise for my actions honestly and I will make up to everyone.

Sincerely Yours,
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Hi Poison,

First off, thank you for taking responsibility for your actions. I was shown the conversation between you and Qty (which was incredibly disgusting to read), and there's a few things I want to clarify:

1. Qty isn't "out to get you", however, I know that he (and others) dislike your consistent poor attitude towards them. You need to understand that the Staff team are not only volunteering their time, but are human; if you treat them poorly they will be less inclined to engage with you, and/or will naturally give you shorter answers.

2. If you feel that a Staff member is negatively targeting you / abusing their rank, there is a sub-forum to deal with that, what isn't on is you taking matters into your own hands and swinging abuse at someone for claims with no foundation.

3. This is your second ban on Discord due to similar behaviour, back in late June 2020 you were also banned due to your inability to follow very simple rules. In that appeal I did say:
Listen to Staff and show respect - If you're asked to do something, do it. There's no need for you to voice your opinion on how unhappy you are about it, or to reply with snarky remarks, just do what you're instructed and you won't end up in this situation again.
So the fact we're here again, and you're apologising again for what is a very similar reason you were banned last year, really doesn't give me much hope that you're either sorry, or actually willing to obey the rules.

However, I will be willing to drop this to a temporary ban, after you've PM'd @Qty here, apologising directly for your behaviour.
No need to show me the apology, I will just confirm with Qty that he is happy with it - because I'll reiterate, the way you spoke to him (and about him to others) is appalling, for someone who is just trying to assist AusCraft by providing great moderation, he deserves better than how you treated him.

Assuming the above will be done, your ban will be lifted this coming Saturday (9th) @ 3PM AEDT.
Please know, that this is your final chance on Discord. If you behave like that again you will be banned with no chance of appeal.

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