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AusCraft 1.16.2 Reset Notes


G'day gamers!

I'm very excited to release this map reset to you all this afternoon, although this update primarily affected the Nether, our old map was 18 months old as of today, and we've made a lot of changes to AusCraft, and have so many ideas and features planned for release over the coming weeks. So grab your favourite snack, and let's stride into this release post!


Yet again our wonderful Builder, Postman_Pat, has out-done herself and created a truly INCREDIBLE spawn! What makes this spawn even more special is that it isn't in the Overworld at all. Spawn is for the first time located in it's own world, to give you all even more room to explore & create, and I wonder who will be the first to nab the center of the map?

Let's have a quick run through Spawn.


We listened to your feedback from last map and have found more merchants that were very eager to sell and buy items off you!

Have a read of the new Market Merchants below!

This Wizard has traveled from a far off land to spread the knowledge of his ancient order. He's carrying these tomes that seem to be raising eyebrows of those around him.​
A worn traveler that after spending years crossing worlds has finally settled down and found his home. He boasts about his treasures that he collected on his adventures.​
He's a simple man, with simple desires... To provide lumber, ores, and decorations to all players!​
She's been living in these lands for a long time! Knows the areas at the back of her hand. She's renowned for her farming and aquatic supplies.​
He doesn't say much, but he knows his way around the technical side of life. He can make my phone look like an etch-sketch... Visit him for all your spawner and redstone needs!​


Meet Esmeralda! She's traveled with her merry wagon to AusCraft to help offer players a way to advertise their warps, services, whatever!

Go and say hello to her, her costs for advertising can be a little pricey, but there's very limited slots, so it's worth every cent!


Brutus is a man of little words. His intense stare rivals even the vast hoards of Endermen on the shadows of our world.

You will find him at the PvP Arena, always edging players on to fight... Luckily, this area is enchanted and you will keep your inventory and XP if you lose your fight!


Come and check out the workshop, you'll find the best quality crafting blocks to use for free here! Such as enchanting tables, brewing stands, anvils & more!


The Vote Cave! This is the home of vote crates and the vote parties. We really listened to all the feedback from last map, and have changed the voting system to suit. More information about the changes to voting can be found below.

Voting is one of the best ways to promote the server and build the community. We appreciate all the support you all give through voting!


We've been hard at work implementing new features for Survival, and adjusting the existing ones based off feedback from you guys, and data from the previous maps. We're releasing more new features slowly over the coming weeks, so keep your eye out!



We have redesigned the ranking system to be more accessible for the casual players who have alternative goals in Survival, while introducing a new difficultly curve in the added prestige system for the more hardcore players. This has been a needed change for Survival for some time, as we really want to see all players strive in the ranking system and have access to the perks each rank has to offer!

These are the changes:

  • Removed The End restriction - all players from any rank can now access The End!
  • Removed DragonSlayer rank.
  • Added HERO rank.
  • Greatly reduced ranking requirements for Settler → HERO.
  • Added new prestige system with the ranks HERO I → V. This will really allow players who like to delve deep into a tough challenge to show off their accomplishments.
You can view all of the new ranks, their requirements and perk's by seeing Meera at Spawn (or by using /help).



Tombstones are a new way for players to have their items automatically stored safely when they die! Instead of your items dropping on death, they'll be locked in your tombstone for a certain amount of time for you to go and collect.

How to obtain: All new players are given two Tombstones when they join to help them out. Tombstones are otherwise obtainable through the free ranking system, vote crates, event rewards, and the store.



Tomes are a new feature we're very excited to release! Tomes can be used on items, for yourself, some tomes you will need to drag and drop on top of your tools & weapons in your inventory, and other tomes are easily activated with right clicking!

The current Tomes available are:

Statistic Tomes:

Drag these tomes onto your favourite tools and weapons, they will add different statistics for you to track, such as Mob kills (both passive and hostile), Blocks Broken, Damage dealt & more! This is only a few tomes that Magnus has allowed us to see so far, but promises there will be more statistic tomes available soon.

Rename Tome:
Drag this tome on top of your item you wish to rename, and follow the prompts in chat!

Repair Tome:
Drag this tome on top of a damage item to instantly repair it!

XP Tome:
Right clicking with this tome will grant you with a random amount of experience - perfect to carry on you wihlst you're busy enchanting your gear!

Healing Tome:
Right clicking with this tome will grant health, and the regeneration effect for a random amount of time.

Feeding Tome:
Right clicking this tome will not only feed you, but grant you the saturation effect for a random amount of time!

Fly Tome:
Right clicking this tome will give you the ability to fly for a random amount of time! This tome does have a timer, and you can toggle it off and on as you see fit. However, it must stay in your hotbar whilst it's active.



Creature eggs are a safe way to capture animals and take them back home with you! This even works for your Donkey that has a saddle and and chests full of items! No more having to leave your noble steed at the ocean edge on your adventures.


How to obtain: Creature eggs are obtainable through the free ranking system, vote crates, event rewards, and the store.



The Tier Crate (that gives you Common, Rare and Legendary items) has been reworked with new and better rewards (no more Legendary Bucket!). We have a new Money Crate that will be introduced next weekend, for players who don't care for items and just want to be rewarded in cash.

Vote Parties
Some of the older players might remember how excited I was when Llamas were added to the game, and well, ever since then I've wanted to have a vote party system that was a Pinata, AND IT'S HERE!!!11!!!!1!one!!

After the required amount of votes, all the players that voted in that pool will be teleported to the Vote Cave (/votecave) 60 seconds before the Pinata spawns! You'll be given a stick that you have to use for it to count as a hit. There will be a chance of prizes per hit, and a reward once the pinata is broken

Monthly Vote Winners
We're bringing back a prize draw for the highest voters of the month! At the end of every month, there will be a reward for the top voters of that month. I won't go into detail how this system works until close to the end of the month.

Other Notable Changes:

  • So. Much. RGB.
  • Phantoms will only attack insomniacs in groups.
  • Removed Trusted rank.
  • Shops now support all container types, Shulker Boxes, EnderChests, Trapped Chests.
  • Parrots won't leave you when running/jumping - use crouch to shake em' off.
  • Adjusted Reaction rewards depending on their difficulty.
  • Removed /hat in place of a coming cosmetic plugin.
  • Removed /prefix in place of a coming cosmetic plugin.
  • Removed /lore in place of Tomes.
  • The main End Island resets every restart (to keep it clean for players)
  • Increased start-amount of claim blocks to 250.
  • Removed fix and repair commands in place of Tomes.
  • Increased hourly claim blocks to 150 (was 120)
  • Player claims will never expire (unless a temporary claim with a chest).
There's other smaller changes you will notice in-game whilst you play, and many larger features you'll see in the coming weeks. As with every update please create a ticket if you run into any issues, or notice any bugs! We don't want to have to issue any punishments for people exploiting bugs.


Creative is almost here!
It's been a long awaited return, but we will be bringing Creative back next weekend.

Creative will feature multiple worlds, plots, build competitions, world-edit, multiple ranks and more.

So ready your building skills, and keep an eye out for the announcement next weekend regarding Creative and all of it's features.


New Hub!

We have a lovely new hub where will be your home during restarts. We've added a Parkour to this with a leaderboard, too! So try and beat the top three spots.


Cheers for taking the time to read this huge post! I hope you're all excited about the changes, and can't wait to share what other things are coming with you all. It's been a wild update, and I can't wait to see you all in-game!
Please leave a suggestion in the suggestions sub-forum if there is anything you think would enhance yours, and other players experience on AusCraft.

Huge thank you to the Staff team, as always they have been incredible with support, bug testing, suggestions, and discussion for this update.

Massive shout-out to all our supporters too, this literally wouldn't be possible without your support!

Much love, and see you soon.


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Thank you so much for all your hard work Camm, none of this would have been possible without the dedication you put into the server.
It's been an absolute pleasure building once again for Auscraft.
Happy adventuring everyone!
thanks for letting me join, map looks great, as a first time server player and new to the PC version, are we able to find out where we are on the map to see how far it is to the spawn point or from other players villages?


thanks for letting me join, map looks great, as a first time server player and new to the PC version, are we able to find out where we are on the map to see how far it is to the spawn point or from other players villages?
Hey! Glad you're enjoying the server. Everyone is always more than welcome to join - as long as they follow the rules of course :P
There will be a map uploaded over the coming days, however, this map is more of a "biome overview", and doesn't track player locations. With the spawn being in another world, it also won't be on the map.

There are commands to teleport to other players, and the community is very friendly, so just reach out either here, in Discord or in-game if you have questions.