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August News!

Greetings, players!

We have a few announcements for you all this week, minus the voting pool winnings which I *promise* I will get to tomorrow!


We have said a final goodbye to the Vanilla server. The EnderDragon came and was conquered by the fearless cookieyamo, after which all players were invited on to the server to blow the living snot out of it with TNT.
300,000 blocks of TNT and 2.1 million total block changes in Vanillas final three hours left the map unrecognisable!

While some players will miss it dearly, Vanilla will be replaced eventually by a whole new level of gameplay exclusive to AusCraft. Stay tuned :wink:


This month, we've broken our usual rules with bMods. Normally we would accept two per month as trials and monitor them very closely.
However, we would like to congratulate cookieyamo, cyko420, JacobCobber, Mojo & TiXoE on their success. Please add me on Skype guys (StabbyInc), we'll get you trained up and working as soon as possible!


AusCraft has branched into music. Visit Plug.dj/AusCraft and join other members in sharing your faveourite tunes! All we ask is that you respect each others tastes, and don't play anything annoying and/or offensive. Trusted people have been given ranks to moderate, look for the purple indicators next to peoples names.
Cogratz everyone! So many bMods - good work jacob, cookie, mojo, cyko and TiXoE!

Sad that I wasn't on for all the fun :frown: Looking foward to what's coming!