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art thread :3

Heya, y'all,

Not sure if this kind of post is allowed, so feel free to delete this, admins
I'm gonna make some of these icons, they're a whole one dollar if anyone wants some, i'm trying to build up some more minecraft art examples since I literally havent done any since 2013? or 14, I can't remember, a long time nonetheless. It'll look like this one I did the other night of our lord and saviour, camm, for reference. the pic next to it is some art from 2013 as a kind of comparison to show how long i've been doing this hehe.

Links to my art:
Camm - 2013 art - (yes, that is JeromeASF - this was 2013 after all)
also another one, I think this was 2014? - thats literally all the minecraft art i've ever drawn actually

feel free to post your own art in this thread too!