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[APPROVED] Shax's bAdmin app.

Ingame Name: Shax_
Current Age: 16
Is the date between the 10th and 13th of the month: Of course.
(if not, do not submit your application)
Do you have any previous bans: let me check, Nope
(check MCBans if not sure)
Why you deserve bAdmin: Well, I've been playing on this server for quite some time now, and I think it is the right time to apply for bAdmin again, I know how to use MOST of the commands. and I am willing to re-learn the ones I have forgotten, or learn what I was not taught before.
I have no reason to abuse: Commands, Players, Admins, Anything else, because my intentions are not to grief the server but to help get rid of the griefers because its just wrong to destroy someones work after they worked hard on it.
Thank you for reading my application.