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Anyone have any interesting/funny/weird dreams?

My latest dream was rather funny and weird. It was also a bit stressful lol.
I dreamt that I was working at a food joint that was operating in a house? well- it kinda felt like I was in a house and I had to make LOTS of nachos.
There weren't even that many customers but I had to continually make orders. Eventually, I ran out of salsa which idk why stressed me out.
Maybe cause I was the only one in the kitchen.
Well, after that, a lady I knew came to order and she ordered two bowls of nachos with minced meat yet then I thought-
Heyy she's vegetarian so why would she do this and after that I woke up.
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my dreams are all incredibly dark for example one i had recently i was at my nonas house it was very dark shades drawn all the lights off and both my nona and my mother lay dead on the ground who did this to them some darkseiders 2 death looking guy with no seeable eyes and a pyramid head style giant knife yeah i didnt go to sleep the next night