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Admins, Ranks and more! July 2014

Greetings, AusCraft!

The votes for this month are in... Congrats goes to Nukeslayer and Davo for their success in the polls and becoming this months Trial bAdmins, well done! May the next week of learning show you a clear path for the rest of your bAdminship.

For those that didn't get it, we always ask that you apply again next month. Don't give up, democratic votes work in strange ways :smile:

This weeks also seen the changes we needed to implement for the EULA. Incoming Endermite rank, which is *almost* Enderdragon, but purchasable ingame instead of hard money. It's a hard slog to get to it, and it isn't cheap, but being able to fly? That's PRICELESS. Check out the changes
here. Purchased Ender ranks now have access to some neat perks such as trails and pets, with more on the way as we test out plugins to bring to players.

And with the EULA changes, what better way to celebrate the Endermite than with a sale? Get to the store and take part in the 25% off store wide sale until the end of the month. Includes everything from ranks to ingame cash so get in while it's all cheap!