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Admin Shops, and why they are different.

We're changing plugins for our shop system! Our current plugin does not support UUID, which we need for when 1.8 finally gets here, so we've upgraded to what we think is a far better system for our economy.

Changes to the items:
First thing, the Admin shops have been updated. You can now buy and sell all your valuables in BLOCKS! Coal, iron, gold, diamond and emerald shops have all been changed, and prices slightly modified.

Mycelium is now for sale! It isn't cheap, but it's there :smile: One piece spreads when placed on dirt, but keep it well away from grass, or else you'll lose it. Mycel can't be silk touched, and
any attempts to retrieve Mycel gives you a couple of mushrooms instead so BE CAREFUL!

Packed Ice has also been added. We've had a few complaints about people digging giant holes in the ice spikes biome, so hopefully this will help with the man-made erosion of the area.

Changes to buying and selling:
No more accidentally selling your last 8 diamonds to the shop! Simply left click a sign, and it will tell you what it does.

Happy with that? Right click to buy it! You don't have to left click all the time, you can spam your rightclick as much as you like to buy or sell in bulk. But never again will you accidentally sell your gear at a shop :smile:

This shop style will be made available to players over the next few days, we'll be sure to post a guide on how to deal with this new system, as it is a little different to ChestShop. Staff will be happy to assist you as well, we think you guys will be pleasantly surprised at the difference!