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Admin Abuse

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Your Minecraft name: Prokyth
Time of the incident: I'm not exactly sure on the time but it was on 26/11/2017
Who is the admin that abused their privileges: Cluracan
How was the Admin abusing their privileges: Gave me three warnings which led to a ban. I don't feel like the last two warnings were legitmate reasons to warn a player.
What Admins were online at the time: Only ArticaAria and Cluracan I think

EDIT: I accidentally put 26 instead of 25.
EDIT 2: It actually was the 26th so it must have been around midnight. I really can't remember what the time was.
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Hi Prokyth,

I'm going to move this to the correct sub-forum (Unban requests), as you're more stating that you don't feel the warnings were justified & looking at the reasons why you were warned, you were told not to do something, and continuted to do it, therefore this was not admin abuse.
I'll let @Cluracan respond to you when he's available to do so.

Cheers for being patient :smile:
Hi Prokyth, on reflection, it is standard practice for us to issue a tempban when we need to give a second warning, to give you a chance to think about what you've done before rejoining, in the hopes that this would avoid neccessitating a third warning that would result in a permanent ban. To this end, I'll remove the last warning you receive and replace it with a 3 day ban, of which 2 remain. I hope that when you rejoin us, it's with a better attitude than that with which you showed last night.
Not open for further replies.