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1.20(.1) Release Notes.


G’day everyone!
It has certainly been a hot minute since there’s been an update, and a much hotter minute since I posted an announcement here opposed to Discord. Apologies I'm only getting this announcement out now, Xenforo (the forum software) was being mean. So let’s jump right in, because this is a long one!

Just to recap what we spoke about in Discord - we’re trying something different with 1.20, and instead of wiping the old map, we’re going to be running two servers side-by-side; the Legacy Survival server, and the Latest Survival server which is a fresh map. This is an attempt to help those that are either new to the server not too long before a reset, or player’s that are long-time builders and spend longer than a map cycle making wonderful creations.

Survival Legacy will stay offline for this week because there’s still a little bit more tinkering I need to do - and my focus this week needs to be on the new map, but it will be up by this weekend!

Few things to note about how this affects the network:
  • No events on Legacy
    • All seasonal events will only be run on the Latest Survival server.
  • No additions/general bug fixes on Legacy
    • While the Legacy Survival server will be updated to 1.20 soon with a small map expansion, there won't be any feature updates or general bug fixes to it that can't be easily pushed from the Latest Survival server. This excludes any severe/game-breaking bugs.
  • No live maps on Legacy.
    • The online maps will be reserved for the Latest Survival server.
  • Cross Server Chat
    • To help people communicate between both servers, there will be cross server chat (with the option to opt out). You'll be able to tell which server a player is on by hovering over their name.
  • Transfer Vault
    • The Transfer Vault has been made more flexible. Once the Legacy server reopens, you will be in control of when you choose to go to the Legacy Survival server to collect your cosmetic items in your vault to move them to the Latest Survival server.

      This is done by using the transfer command (/vault transfer) after you’ve filled your vault. Once you confirm the transfer, your items will be waiting in the Latest Survival server. You will not be able to transfer more than one vault.

      If you still haven’t retrieved your items from the previous map, you can leave them as is and just use the transfer command!
  • Webstore
    • You will be able to select what server to send your purchases too. If you accidentally send it to the wrong one, it will default to the Latest Survival server. If you meant it to go to the Legacy Survival server, just make a ticket (/ticket create message).
  • Voting
    • Votes will be handled automagically. Whatever server you’re on when your vote is processed, is the server that will receive your vote. If you vote whilst offline, your vote will counted to the server you next join.

Here’s a quick rundown of this new map’s information!

Survival Size: 30,000 Blocks Wide (15k x 15k)
Nether Size: 15,000 Blocks Wide (7.5k x 7.5k)
The End Size: 10,000 Blocks Wide (5k x 5k)
Server Difficulty: Hard

The current online maps are for the Legacy Server, as always I don’t instantly load the online map because it makes it too easy to find specific biomes. The online maps will be loaded with the new server’s map after two weeks.

Expasion/Regen Dates:
To help ensuring there’s enough resources for everyone, we’re going to lock in some expansion and regeneration dates.
The End will first be regenerated in 6 weeks (Friday, 3rd November).
The Nether will first be expanded in 8 weeks (Friday, 17th November).

Our current rank system is certainly the best implementation we’ve had, however there were certainly some quirks(read: issues) with it on the legacy map. Thanks to our wundervoll in-house German developer, @Kennytv, we’ve made a lot of improvements to it. Whilst it certainly won’t be bug free straight away, over the next week or so we’ll be able to squash any bugs we find quickly - so please report anything you find odd. Even if you don’t think it is a bug, it could be!

New Feature: Rerolling Quests.
Sometimes you get a roll of tasks that you just… really can’t be bothered doing. This new feature allows you to reroll your Daily and/or Weekly Quests to give you new tasks. You cannot reroll a Quest if you’ve already started its tasks. So If you’ve already started your Daily Tasks, it will only reroll your Weekly Tasks, or vice versa.

All players are given a Reroll Token when you first join. You will be able to get more through the Store, or through Magnus at the Market soon.

New Tasks
We’ve added a bunch of new tasks, and still more planned! Here’s a complete list of the tasks, some of which aren’t implemented yet, but marked accordingly.

Green Quests - Implemented and live on Survival.
Yellow Quests - In development.
  • Breaking specific blocks.
  • Breeding mobs.
  • Buying items:
    • From a Merchant at the Spawn Market.
    • From the Auction House.
    • From another player’s shop.
  • Claiming land.
  • Cooking a specific food item in a Campfire or Smoker.
  • Consuming a specific item (whether that be food, water bottle, potions).
  • Dealing damage in general, or to a specific entity (could include another player).
  • Earning money.
  • Earning Vanilla XP.
    • Earning mcMMO XP.
  • Enchanting any item with any Enchanted Book in an Anvil.
    • Enchanting a specific item with a specific Enchanted Book in an Anvil.
  • Enchanting an item in an Enchanting Table.
    • Enchanting a specific item in an Enchanting Table.
  • Fishing for any catch.
  • Fishing for specific fish.
  • Killing a specific mob.
    • Killing a specific mob with a specific item.
  • Levelling up a mcMMO skill.
    • Leveling up a specific mcMMO skill.
  • Milking a cow/mooshroom.
  • Moving a certain amount of blocks either by Sneaking, Walking, Running, Swimming, Gliding (Elytra), or Flying (Flight Tomes).
  • Opening a specific Crate.
  • Placing specific blocks.
  • Playing for a certain amount of time.
  • Riding a specific mob for a certain amount of time.
  • Selling items:
    • To a Merchant at the Spawn Market.
    • On the Auction House.
    • In your own shop.
  • Shearing sheep of a specific colour.
  • Smelting items inside a Furnace or Blast Furnace.
    • Smelting specific items inside a Furnace or Blast Furnace.
  • Smithing any items at a Smithing Table.
    • Smithing specific items at a Smithing Table.
  • Taming specific mobs.
  • Throwing a specific projectile.
  • Using a specific item until it’s broken.
  • Voting for the server.
If you have any suggestions for any tasks you think would be cool to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

To be fully compliant with Mojang’s EULA, we’ve had to make a few changes on the webstore.
  • The mcMMO Tokens and Rank Points rewards have been moved from the Tier Crate to the Currency Crate. Generic Crate Keys purchased on the store will only be usable on the Tier Crate. Keys obtained via voting will still be usable on both Crates.
  • Removed Double Vanilla XP from Titan & Immortal.
  • Removed the mcMMO Large Perk & Lucky Perk Packs.
  • Due to having to remove both the Vanilla XP & mcMMO Perk Packs from the store, we’ve added Global Boosters. Global Boosters are temporary and will give every player that plays whilst the boost is active the modifier, and some boosters also give x2 Vanilla XP as a bonus! You can check out these Global Boosters here.

Another thing to note is Tebex, the platform of the webstore, have made it quite clear they won’t be supporting AUD in the future. For now you can change the currency at the top right to AUD , but I will be moving to a different store platform in the future.

Feature in the works: Merging Helmets.
Everyone I’ve spoken to love our Cosmetic Hats in-game. The only problem with this is it replaces a vital piece of armour. Well fear not friends, Magnus has done some dark, very cursed magic and you will soon be able to merge a Helmet with a Hat!

However, there is a cost to this. Because of the magic involved in the merge, the Hat won’t have durability - so it will never break. That’s great, right? WRONG. Due to having no durability the Merged Hat will slowly lose it’s armour level (enchantments are unaffected). The good news is you can replenish the Hat’s armour level with a Repair Tome, or Ingots! If you merged an Iron Helmet, you would use Iron Ingots, or if you merged a Netherite Helmet, you would use a Netherite Ingot, and so on.

This feature will be rolled out very soon.

Mock up of the new feature to Merge Helmets into Cosmetic Hats

Mock up of the new feature to Merge Helmets into Cosmetic Hats

To celebrate the Tails & Trails update we have a few new cosmetics that are in-game now! These are inside the Cosmetic Crate. Cosmetic Crate Keys will be dropping in-game randomly from now until Sunday (1st October). You can also purchase a single pack (one pack per player) or global pack (a key for everyone online) on the store.

The Cosmetic Crate holds all of our Cosmetic Hats, however the newly added Cosmetics have a higher chance to be won.


The new Hats for the Trails & Tails Update (the Sniffer head sniffs!).

Balloons have had a big rework! They now feature 130% more air! There is also a chance that if you fall and you have one equipped, you'll be given the Slow Falling potion effect. This may be very helpful for the likes of Minley.

These Balloons are available on the store, but there will be random drops for the sniffer one at peak times (6:30 - 8:30PM) during this week.


A look at some of the new Balloons!

Our Enchantment Tomes, and Statistic Tomes have received an upgrade and will be looking as fresh as ever very soon. Whilst this isn’t big ground breaking news, I’m sharing it for two reasons:
1. I love the art of the Tomes and;
2. This is a part of other changes that will be happening slowly over the next month - I’ll be updating menus, custom items, and other cosmetic parts of Survival so everything looks more appealing and consistent.


The look of the reskinned Enchantment & Statistic Tomes.

A Global 2x mcMMO Booster is active on the server right now for 48 hours - so get mining! Cosmetic Crate Keys will start dropping randomly tonight, and there's still a 20% off store sale which will run for the next week (ending Monday the 2nd).

Thanks all for playing, your support, and patience while I work on any issues!
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