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1.15.2 Update & Map Expansion


Hey all!

Cheers to everyone for your patience whilst I updated this, I think we've gone relatively good for time considering some hiccups we faced. I will be opening the server tonight at 6PM, so whilst you wait for that give this post a good read!

I have further increased the border from 15,000 in each direction to now being 25,000 in each direction - which is is a huge expansion! Over the past two days I have been generating the map to help reduce TPS issues from chunks being first-time generated by players. This would be done if I was to wait another 24 hours, however, I know you're all keen to get back on the server.

To mitigate TPS issues for the next few days whilst the expanded part of the map is still generating I have removed access to /speed for both flying and walking. I have also disabled the online map from running just until all the chunks are generated. More exciting news though, is that I HAVE SEEN SO. MANY. BEEEEEEEEESSSSS and they're so cute.

I know some of you were still doing Easter events when the server was being closed Wednesday morning, and I don't want you to miss out! If you either had issues with the quests or weren't able to complete them - please mail me in-game (/mail send CAMM_ <message>) so I can help you out!

  • Rank changes: I know ranks have been an issue over the past few weeks, however, we feel pretty confident with the improvements we have made. If your rank had issues and you left a report, I have either fixed up your rank (and promoted you to the next rank as compensation) or have mailed you for more information. Please be sure to check!
  • Changes the Phantom perk: This will now disable Phantoms spawning on you by default. To enable/disable Phantoms spawning on you, use /phantom.
  • Added Item Linking in chat: This is a new perk accessible to all players! Show off your cool items in chat, whether it be a Sword, Bow, Armour, Compass, or a stack of Carrots! Using [item] in chat whilst holding an item, will show it off to the whole server! Here's an example: https://streamable.com/6yoa0g
  • Removed the air perk and bar whilst we improve this functionality.
  • Added back Tree Chop perk, use /chop to enable/disable it.
  • Removed the anti-mob lag (which freezes entities).
  • Fixed disguise permissions.
  • Added the Bee disguise to the store.
  • Fixed ARank not handing out credits for one rank (+ those affected compensated).
  • Merged old mcMMO credits across (this will be active after tonight's restart) for those who had credits in the old system.

As with every release, there might be a few bugs here and there, so please make sure you report something (even if you're unsure if it's intended or not)! Doing this will help us resolve the issues quickly. Over the next 24 - 48 hours there may be a few restarts here and there if there are any game-breaking bugs.

We'll be releasing some more features over the coming weeks, too, so stay tuned!

Please be sure you give a massive thanks to our whole Staff team when you see them in-game next for their incredible help (as always) with updates!
Much love to you all, and cheers again for being a part of this wholesome community! <3