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1.14.4 Update & Map Expansion


Good afternoon all!

First of all, cheers for being patient over the past three days whilst I updated the server! I've been crazy busy trying to juggle this and work, so I greatly appreciate it.
We definitely ran into more issues than we did during development, but majority of things are fixed, and I'll go into it more below.

I have increased the border radius from 7,500 in each direction to 15,000 in each direction. I have not been able to pre-generate the world due to how slow chunk loading is (unless we wanted to wait ~2 - 3 weeks for it to be done...), so please keep this in mind when exploring the new part of the map.

It will tank the server more than anything else - but I couldn't justify keeping the server offline for that amount of time. For now, I've removed the ability to adjust your flying and walking speed, so all players will have default speed for the next week or so.

I've adjusted the below to assist in keeping the servers performance as stable as possible, and all these implementations are only temporary until we move to 1.15.1.

Decreased Villagers looking for their beds & workstations.
Villagers are usually doing this every single second, instead, they'll check for the bed / workstation every 30 seconds.

Limited Pillagers at Outposts.
There's issues in 1.14.4 where Pillagers just continue to spawn no matter how many are already present at an outpost. I've implemented a plugin that stablises this to a good amount. So they'll still be a mission to face, so be careful!

Reduced Mob AI if there is a performance hit.
If the server hits a point where it's struggling hard, all mobs in loaded chunks will be "frozen". As an example, this means they won't be able to pathfind, if they're a baby mob they won't grow, if they're a sheared sheep their wool won't grow whilst frozen. This nerf is only temporary until the server catches up to a stable TPS again, in which case all mobs would return to normal behaviour.

Nerfed Mob Spawner AI.
All mobs that come from spawners will be nerfed, so they won't have any AI.

I've also made a few other changes to server settings which aren't notable, as they won't be noticed by players, but will assist in keeping stable performance.

This is only temporary! I know it may read like a lot of nerfing to begin with, but I'll be constantly reviewing the servers performance, and making adjustments as required.

Regarding plugins in-game, there are a few which are still being updated to 1.14.4, for now the following will be disabled, but will hopefully be ready before the end of the year.
- Disguises​
- Chop Tree​
- Claiming mcMMO Tokens (you will still be able to receive tokens)​
- Death Holograms​
- Virtual Tools​

Christmas (and the end of the decade) is not far away at all! This year(/decade) has gone waaay to quick.
My focus is primarily getting the current disabled plugins back onto the server, and introducing new features we've had planned for a while. In saying that, I will still aim to get some fun events and prizes together for Christmas and the end of the year. If you have any suggestions for what you'd like, leave a comment below!

MOVE TO 1.15.1:
The BEEEEEEEES update is very new. The server software and plugins are quickly updating to it, as it offers some improvements from 1.14.4. Obviously being the end of the year, I'm extremely busy and have plans over Christmas and New Years, so I'll be updating the server (and generating a lot more of the map) early next year.

As with every update, if you find any issues with the server, please let us know straight away by using /report in-game. For the next ~24 hours there might be a few restarts here and there to make adjustments, but as always, you'll be moved to Hub then back to Survival after the restart, you don't need to do a thing!

@Postman_Pat has done (yet again) an awesome job of changing up spawn slightly to fit this updates theme! It's definitely my favourite to date, but I always seem to say that.. Make sure you say thanks when you see her in-game.
Please give a huge thanks to the Admin team when you see them in-game, too! They've been tremendously helpful with bug testing and assisting me overall in this update!

All servers will be back online at 6PM AEDT TONIGHT (~45 minutes from now)! I hope to see you all in-game, and please keep an eye on Discord #announcements and #change-log for more updates over the coming days.

Again, cheers for everyone's support and patience over the past few days, you're amazing humans and I appreciate all of you!