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    Saw this, thought you might appreciate it :P...

    Saw this, thought you might appreciate it :P http://www.damnlol.com/pics/170/360aafee2fb4bacb6f0d258b2eff04dd.gif
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    [APPROVED] Shax's bAdmin app.

    I blame Shax c:
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    [APPROVED] ZMAFRO bAdmin Application

    Whoo! Go FruFru!!
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    [UPDATE] 1.6.1 Release!

    Along with the new update, we have a horse racing track! It's still a bit of a work-in-progress, but Stabby's doing an awesome job on building! Also, there will be a show jumping course soon to come! To check it out, type /warp racecourse ! The attached picture is a sneak peak, with an eager...
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    (APPROVED) [June] Chronic's bAdmin Application

    Yay you got accepted!! \o/
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    (APPROVED) the_PHAT's bAdmin Application

    Ingame Name: the_PHAT Current Age: 15 Is the date between the 10th and 13th of the month: Yes. Do you have any previous bans: I've been banned once, yes. Although I'm not sure if it's a global ban or not. It was sometime last year, when - - - (?) suggested a group of us grief a server. Not sure...
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    [denied] mylololz's bAdmin approval request.

    Obviously I can't have an opinion of you, as I'd only just met you yesterday. Though judging by your request and the time I've known you on the server, you're a pretty nice person. Unfortunately though, that's all I can say on the matter. Sorry you got denied, dude. Also I really need to...
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    Help please!

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    I have a signature!

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    Badmin Application

    Short and sweet, I like it. You got my vote :)
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    Typhoidinator's New bAdmin Application

    I'll vote for you Typh <3
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    Un-ban request

    BUT, all of us aren't completely sure whether it was intentional or not, so I'll give you a second chance. Consider yourself unbanned, be careful where you're mining next time! C:
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    Un-ban request

    Proof that you griefed.