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    Farewell and goodluck!

    Bit late, but thanks for some of the best and enjoyable times, from the moment I first joined till the last times I actually played and came in discord and everything done on the server to make it amazing. And also the trust you had in me to be a mod and then Admin (this obviously is to Camm and...
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    Post yourself irl

    I bloody knew as soon as I saw your name on post yourself irl, that you would do this haha.
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    Stalking Camm_

    lol the creep shots of me...
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    Spawn Secrets

    And my rooms :p
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    Catch up!

    Trust you to come back jail as I've just left for a bit.. haha. Also my skin is already a creepy themed skin :p
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    Denied Unban Request for Cookiegamer9990 - Accusation: Use of xray hacks

    I would just like to add a response to the last part of your reply, you just said "I had a ban that I didn't do and now another of the same", and "even though I didn't do any of them" etc etc. Then you put "P.s the first ban, captain put me up to that too." You just completely contradicted...
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    Approved PIGALOC Unban

    Hi PIGALOC, you received three warnings which result in an automatic ban after the third, hence third strike out. The first issue was for xraying which you admitted too. The second was for stealing peoples items from their chests, than week or two later you did it again, which resulted in your...
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    Favourite song?

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    Favourite song?

    Yeah Lindsey buckingham is so underrated as a guitarist, you never hear of him mentioned at all. His flick n pick style or whatever you wanna call it is like yeh mad haha, strong nails!! :D.. I actually don't think i've ever listened to private investigations but yeh just did then, that's like...
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    Favourite song?

    Haven't listened to disturbed or wolfmother in ages, though I have my mp3 full of Zeppelin, black sabbath, the doors, deep purple etc etc So I don't even have a fav song, I just couldn't choose. Maybe "I'm so afraid - Fleetwood mac". (live version from 1997 concert). Probs best they have ever done.
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    TheSt0ryTeller - I don't even go here

    Yep what he said ^^
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    Is capsicum gross?

    Depends how it's used, I like it in my mums homemade Coleslaw. And in stews etc.
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    Pineapple or no pineapple!?!?!?

    yeh hate warm and soft pineapple, nice and colddd yoo freshly cut up
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    First aid facts :)

    Ah ok makes sense then. Would love a bit of stress killing whistle atm haha.
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    First aid facts :)

    I had it once when I was hit by car when I was 14ish (only got a bit of bone chipped off my knee, still there too lol). Then year later snapped my leg in a footy match, and both times it did nothing for me, I think it helped calm me a bit, but yeh pain was still there. Wasn't till a week later...
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    First aid facts :)

    Yeh that's what we all say anyways, always good to add breaths even if they say nah don't need to anymore. It's not St.Johns up here who run it, not sure who runs the first aids courses. It's a compulsory thing everything 12 months. And if you don't go, you get your electrical license taken off...
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    First aid facts :)

    Yeah my dad came home the other day after first aid course (He's an electrician), and said, "Once again they have changed how many breaths you have to do, at one stage they said you don't have to anymore, because it's pointless or something, as the lungs won't work without the heart". haha. I'm...
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    First aid facts :)

    Depending on how I got the wound, I just use water, no soup(If it's something rusted etc I use soup), then dry it and put betadine on an just leave it open for the air, then put bandage on it before bed (no one wants bloody sheets). But if you are working, don't really have time or the stuff...
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    Hey Lads

    Nice to meet you, (Not sure if I've been on when you have yet). Glad you like the community and hope to see you around for a long time. We have lots of players who have been here for years now, because well it's just so great. :)