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  1. matbro999

    Different Klaus sell cap idea

    I think the grind is juuuussst right :)
  2. matbro999

    Colour codes on signs

    Wow this is a wonderful suggestion. Kudos to you sir, kudos! Much Love, Matbro999
  3. matbro999

    Magnus Prices

    I think the prices are just right :)
  4. matbro999

    Come check out the new /warp coles :D

    Come check out the new /warp coles :D
  5. matbro999

    Ask a Pharmacist.

    Do all first aid kits contain a scalpel? I learned it from the first aid facts just wanna make sure my first aid kit is fully kitted out with only the best ty for your help.
  6. matbro999

    First aid facts :)

    First Aid Fact #9 I need more first aid facts in my life.
  7. matbro999

    TalkingCat: Yo!

    Hey dude, nice to meet ya!
  8. matbro999

    You're not even good at Lethal League.

    You're not even good at Lethal League.
  9. matbro999

    AquaZz_FeeDeR - Language, hacked Client, reconnect spam

    Thanks for posting this, he has been warned for now.
  10. matbro999

    Is capsicum gross?

    Capsicum is amazing :D
  11. matbro999

    FELICIA or puffer bejebus

    Bye Felicia
  12. matbro999

    Felicia is bae

    Felicia is bae
  13. matbro999

    Pineapple or no pineapple!?!?!?

    I love pineapple, but not on a pizza :P
  14. matbro999

    What FOV do you use for Minecraft?

    I use Quake Pro which is like 110. People call me crazy but it feels so weird using anything else :D. Let me know what you use.
  15. matbro999

    Yay for 1.9 :D

    Yay for 1.9 :D
  16. matbro999

    Typing Tests - Who Reigns Supreme?

    Not too bad for someone who types with 2 fingers i suppose... :p Visit the Typing Test and try!
  17. matbro999

    Approved Could someone help me with mcbans its says "cannot dispute"someone help please

    Hey Littledozer11, Since it has been so long since the ban was given it can no longer be disputed. However since it has been such a long time i am willing to give you another go on the server. Please Read the rules and make sure you understand them this time around. Have fun :) Matbro999
  18. matbro999


    Hey Littledozer11, Since this was a global ban you will have to go dispute it on mcbans.com if you need help with it use this as a guide http://aus-craft.net/forums/threads/disputing-a-ban-with-mcbans.1876/ Thanks.
  19. matbro999

    Rocket League <3

    Rocket League <3