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    Monthly Newsletter - November Recap

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    Monthly Newsletter - October Recap

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    Costume Selfie Competition!

    Hey All! As you might have read in the Monthly Newsletter, we're running a Costume Selfie competition! There are two ways to win: Best Selfie (screenshot of yourself somewhere) Best Costume (screenshot of your Halloween costume/skin) These will be judged by the Admins & I, and will run...
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    Monthly Newsletter - September Recap

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    Creative Release

    CREATIVE IS LIVE Hey everyone! It's time, folks. Although I've been smashed with how busy Survival has been (which I thank you all for, I'm glad you're loving it), we're rolling out Creative right now! So let's dive into it. Creative has three different ranks: Designer...
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    Survival Feature Updates & Change log.

    Happy Monday, everyone! School holidays are here! Well, for QLD and VIC they are... but the rest of you will be soon too! We have a fair few features pushing out today, so I wanted to make a post here to outline everything. If you have any questions after reading, just reply to this thread and...
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    Helper Applications [READ ME BEFORE APPLYING]

    Helper Applications can only be entered between 25th-28th of a month. What is a Helper?: A Helper is the entry rank to the Staff group. Helpers are there to assist the community in-game and in Discord. Helpers also have basic moderation duties to ensure everyone on the network is playing...
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    AusCraft 1.16.2 Reset Notes

    G'day gamers! I'm very excited to release this map reset to you all this afternoon, although this update primarily affected the Nether, our old map was 18 months old as of today, and we've made a lot of changes to AusCraft, and have so many ideas and features planned for release over the coming...
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    1.16.2 Map Reset!

    G'day everyone! Four days ago the server software we use was updated to 1.16.2, and considered a stable release with many bug fixes and performance improvements, so now it's our turn. We will be resetting the map next Saturday (the 5th) at 3PM, with the servers going offline Friday to finalise...
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    1.15.2 Update & Map Expansion

    Hey all! Cheers to everyone for your patience whilst I updated this, I think we've gone relatively good for time considering some hiccups we faced. I will be opening the server tonight at 6PM, so whilst you wait for that give this post a good read! MAP SIZE: I have further increased the...
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    1.14.4 Update & Map Expansion

    Good afternoon all! First of all, cheers for being patient over the past three days whilst I updated the server! I've been crazy busy trying to juggle this and work, so I greatly appreciate it. We definitely ran into more issues than we did during development, but majority of things are fixed...
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    [EVENTS] Happy Birthday Minecraft!

    Happy 10th Birthday, Minecraft! This day marks an incredible milestone for a game we all love, and it’s crazy to see how far it’s come over the past 10 years! As per my post here, we currently have a Build Comp and some Micro Blocks at the Event Shop in spawn. As promised, we have some more...
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    Minecraft turns 10, update on 1.14(.1) & more!

    UPDATE: Build Competition winners! Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Build Comp, there were some awesome builds there. But as always there are only a selected amount of winners, and they are outlined below! First: atomicslothio (view their build here) Second: thesecondjtm...
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    Player shops, Reactions, Easter & more!

    Hey guys! Thanks for being patient with today, no matter how much you test things in development environments, the second it’s on a production environment a lot breaks :( To start off, apologies it's been so quiet around here lately on my behalf, as some know I had to go in for a minor surgery...