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  1. CAMM_

    Auscraft Store Consumable that gives access to a single warp

    Hey Inferno! Cheers for the suggestion, and apologies on the delay. Unfortunately, our current warp system doesn't have such a feature so I wouldn't be able to do this. I will keep it in mind for review though, because it would be a great high-tier reward, and could have them purchasable...
  2. CAMM_

    A travelling merchant at /market

    Hey Jack! Cheers for the suggestion, apologies it's taken me so long to get back to you. I know it's difficult to use the vanilla "Wandering Trader" feature due to how they are only spawned one per player, so I could definitely look into a different system that handles it. What kind of...
  3. CAMM_

    Community Board

    Hey Chaos! Cheers for the suggestion, and apologies it's taken me so long to get back to ya. I'm not overly happy with how the community board has been running, but that's partly to the design and implementation of the plugin. I'm having a developer work on a new version that will be more...
  4. CAMM_

    Monthly Mini Game Night

    Hey qteks! Cheers for the suggestion, and apologies it's taken me a whilte to get back to you. We completely agree with you, and have been wanting to have some "Game Nights" throughout the week for some time. I'll be seeking feedback from the community in-game over the coming week regarding...
  5. CAMM_

    Denied got 3 warnings and have been permer banned

    Hi GusWest12, You very clearly didn't even attempt to follow the template for appealing a punishment (which can be found >here<. Until you're able to do that, your appeal won't be taken into consdieration. Cheers
  6. CAMM_

    Monthly Newsletter - October Recap

  7. CAMM_

    Costume Selfie Competition!

    Hey All! As you might have read in the Monthly Newsletter, we're running a Costume Selfie competition! There are two ways to win: Best Selfie (screenshot of yourself somewhere) Best Costume (screenshot of your Halloween costume/skin) These will be judged by the Admins & I, and will run...
  8. CAMM_

    BlimpleS tHelper Application

    Cheers for applying, and goodluck! We will be announcing the successful Helper on the 1st.
  9. CAMM_

    Dash (Dxshes) tHelper app

    Cheers for applying, and goodluck! We will be announcing the successful Helper on the 1st.
  10. CAMM_

    Mob Repellers

    Added to the block lore. Cheers for the suggestion. :)
  11. CAMM_

    TV Shows for a Productive Isolation.

    Was talking to a few people on Discord account about some horror/thriller movies to watch, going to be checking these out: The Witch (MA15+) It Comes at Night (MA15+) Brightburn (MA15+) Thought I'd post them here incase others like these style of movies, they all have decent ratings too!
  12. CAMM_

    Whitelist Request for IP.

    Hey Dynamik, Would you mind sending me yours and your housemates IGN? Cheers!
  13. CAMM_

    Monthly Newsletter - September Recap

  14. CAMM_

    trouble connecting to the server

    Hey ItsBeck! Are you inside or outside of Aus? It does seem to be causing issues for people outside of Australia joining with the join.auscraft.net address, but I've adjusted it now to allow your account through. Please let me know if you keep having issues! Cheers
  15. CAMM_

    join.auscraft.net isn't working

    Hey Inferno, Cheers for letting me know! As you'll see in our Discord's #change-log I did introduce stronger measures for disallowing VPNs, but it's clearly picking something it shouldn't. I'll get this fixed up, cheers.
  16. CAMM_

    Separating Tab list

    This has been done! Cheers for the suggestion. :)
  17. CAMM_

    Creative Release

    CREATIVE IS LIVE Hey everyone! It's time, folks. Although I've been smashed with how busy Survival has been (which I thank you all for, I'm glad you're loving it), we're rolling out Creative right now! So let's dive into it. Creative has three different ranks: Designer...
  18. CAMM_

    [Guide] Craftbook's [Collect] / [Deposit] System

    Cheers for the feedback guys. I've sent your messages to the developer to update him on what else isn't working. We'll have this fixed as soon as possible!
  19. CAMM_

    Store suggestion: Enchant command dead content

    Cheers for getting back to me, Kafun! I'll look at implementing the three levels based off a command (/enchanttable 1(, 2, 3)) which will decide the level you open, and with no argument just opening the level 3 enchantment table. Thanks again!