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  1. GlacyrX

    Add a search function in the Forum and/or a post with list of in game commands

    There used to also just be a forum search bar, right?
  2. GlacyrX

    Player /bp XP progression and display

    Currently, I can find my amount of XP on the landing page for /bp, as seen here: However, when I go to my Rewards page, it used to say how much XP was required to unlock the next reward. In the example below, the value that used to be displayed was the amount of XP required to get from Level...
  3. GlacyrX

    AusCraft 1.17.1 Reset Notes

    ebic, very poggers
  4. GlacyrX

    Fixed Prices

    Hi there. I had a read of your suggestion. To put this quite politely, I understood everything you said except for the post. My understanding of what you have said is that you want to mandate prices for the same goods across all shops. As a hypothetical example, you are suggesting that all...
  5. GlacyrX

    Denied PioAngeloG20 Ban Appeal

    Firstly, I have provided you with the exact screenshot album I have used for your x-ray warning. As you can very clearly see in the album, you have mined four veins of diamonds, as evidenced through the Watson cube overlay as well as the CoreProtect logs in the bottom left of the relevant...
  6. GlacyrX

    Denied PioAngeloG20 Ban Appeal

    I noticed you have vehemently denied the x-ray accusation both in-game and in this forums post. I invite you to explain the images I have taken in this screenshot album of your digging: As you can very clearly see, you dug in mostly straight lines, making slight adjustments in your tunnel or...
  7. GlacyrX

    Denied Popsicle05's Helper Application

    Hi Popsicle05, Thank you for your application this month. I want to start off by saying that your enthusiasm and friendliness really shows, and those are always good qualities to have when Helpers are trying to build amazing communities on our server. Unfortunately, as a staff team, we believe...
  8. GlacyrX

    Halloween Events!

  9. GlacyrX


    Does discord.auscraft.net not work?
  10. GlacyrX


    Thanks for letting us know; we're looking into it now.
  11. GlacyrX

    Denied Flqshhh unban

    Ordinarily, the staff member who issues the ban is the staff member who addresses the appeal. Because StabbyInc is no longer part of the staff team, I hope you will not mind if I manage this appeal today. A punishment appeal would typically include why I should remove the consequence that has...
  12. GlacyrX

    Postman_Pat Introduction

    no u
  13. GlacyrX


    You believe everybody deserves a second chance? You had yours months ago. Based on what happened today with you joining on alt accounts (BayernBear & trevor310) and denying being DeathOfBlades or Fradog when I asked you, I don't think you're owning up to your actions. Someone who owns up...
  14. GlacyrX

    Denied Ban Appeal

    As it is currently 12:47am and I have received no response, I can only assume that you no longer wish to appeal this ban at this point in time. Please resubmit an appeal when you next wish to be unbanned from "Ausmine". Until then, I will deny this appeal.
  15. GlacyrX

    Denied Ban Appeal

    I'll give you an opportunity to follow the template again and resubmit this appeal (in this thread please) with a more serious demeanour. As you are online right now, I'll give you until midnight, which is in 7 hours for me. P.S. Lazlo isn't staff, but Magi_cal was also online during the...