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  1. CAMM_

    Add a search function in the Forum and/or a post with list of in game commands

    Couldn't agree more, this is something I've been meaning to do since the release of the current map, but it is a very long process, as there are many commands to sort through lmao.
  2. CAMM_

    Statistic Tome compatibility

    Will consider adding it, cheers!
  3. CAMM_

    Halloween Boss Feedback

    Hey @Eldorkable, cheers for the feedback! Completely understand that you felt disheartened by not receiving a reward. I've put a Boss Crate Key in your inventory, so make sure you use it ASAP! I plan to adjust the current system to allow for respawning - which obviously will be at a cost, but...
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    Horses with /home

    Hey Dongus, cheers for the suggestion! We did have this on an earlier map, but the (public) plugin was never updated, so we just scrapped it. I do believe there were some issues with it too, and the staff team & I felt it was a bit too OP to easily just teleport home with your horse after...
  7. CAMM_

    Denied Reubimental's Helper Application.

    Hey Reubi, Cheers for the application. Unfortunately we're going to deny it at this time due to a few things that I'll discuss with you in private. Thanks!
  8. CAMM_

    Denied Dongus Helper Application

    Cheers for the application, Dongus! Unfortunately we're going to deny this application this time around, with you being so new to the server we would like to see more of you in-game, and see you be more comfortable with the basic ins and outs of the server. Feel free to join us on Discord for a...
  9. CAMM_

    Denied HatKid_Was_Taken's Helper Application

    Cheers for the application, HatKid! Unfortunately we're going to deny this application this time around, given you haven't actually met the ontime requirements, and we haven't seen you in nearly a week. Feel free to reapply when you meet all the requirements and are active on the server!
  10. CAMM_

    Chunk Tile Limit

    Hey Reubimental. Cheers for the suggestion! Firstly, I implemented this on the start of the map due to a high count of players, and now it has cooled down a bit, I have been planning to, and will be removing these limits - however, the rules of not building excessive machines/builds that aren't...
  11. CAMM_

    Channel suggestions for discord

    Hey Cheesecake. Cheers for the suggestion! I would prefer suggestions remain here, just as it's easier to keep track of them for me. Regarding a channel for people to seek out Villages and the likes, you should be able to create threads (from the #minecraft channel) for things like this...
  12. CAMM_

    Spawner suggestion

    Hey Ausszie. Cheers for the suggestion! I'll discuss this with the Admin team and we'll look into it, or making Slime Balls more available in other ways. Cheers :D
  13. CAMM_

    Rank/Prefix Suggestion

    Hey Rage! Cheers for the suggestion. I remember you mentioning this in-game some time ago, and I would definitely like to do it, just a bit of a tricky thing to create. But keep your eyes peeled, because we'll get it done!
  14. CAMM_

    Approved helper application

    Cheers for the application! It would be nice to see you on Discord a bit more (in the voice chats, too) as that does play a pretty important role with being Staff. Good luck!
  15. CAMM_

    Approved TC97AU Helper Application

    Cheers for the application! Good luck!